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  • Where and how should I be applying my fragrance?
    If you want to increase the diffusion of your fragrance, apply it to your "pulse points" (i.e. behind your ears, on your wrists and in the hollows of your elbows). We'd also like to share a tip with you: well-moisturised skin helps diffuse the fragrance better....
  • How do I receive samples?
    Selecting your fragrance is a personal process that appeals to your emotions and memories, it is an imaginary journey specific to each individual. To make your decision easier, I recommend visiting one of our boutiques, where an adviser will be able to assist y...
  • What’s the difference between an Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum?
    Compared to eau de toilette, eau de parfum is another interpretation of the olfactory story, one that is more intense and for which the perfumer will emphasize certain facets of the composition. Each eau de toilette sublimates the best natural raw materials. Ne...

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